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Destroyers of Legion [DOL] is a Guild Wars 2 community on the Jade Quarry server.


We are a small, friendly guild community based on the Jade Quarry server, but members from all Guild Wars 2 servers are welcome. We have no core focus, and many of our members enjoy the different game modes GW2 offers. Our only requirement for membership is being friendly and not stirring up drama.

Extremely Important:

Silver has to pay Vorrdak 15,000 gold everyday per a contract we were tricked into signing in 2014. If you would like to help with this obligation, please contact an officer in DOL.

PS: Wane is a bookah!

Happy New Year!

I'm posting this year's pic on 2 sharing sites (lossless = better quality, but much bigger files)

With "Happy New Year" title:

EDIT: Requested files with no title:

I'm sorry for the long delay, but the responses from the community was a bit overwhelming and I didn't get enough time last week to post on Christmas Eve.

We got a lot of people I hoped to get last year, including a ton of [DOL] on the right side of the pic, a higher rez Eexa (+SAL! lol), The Traveling Bobos<!!!! ( some of their older videos are here, and I only realized afterwards their Vaati made these comics joined their group, so that was a 2 for 1 to get her in the pic, hehe), [FINX] (originally I intended to have like 50 Finx's in the picture, but it was just too much, lol), my guildies who make up most of the right edge of the pic, and a bunch of my friends I was unable to contact in time last year (though there are still more MIA)

Thanks Everyone and Happy Wintersday!

[DOL]'s HoT Raids

Check out Dulfy's excellent guide here: *** Dulfy's Vale Guardian Guide ***

Our Google Doc for sharing notes. If you would like editing privlidges, please let me know in game and whisper / mail me your gmail account (one using your IGN or something other than your real name please).

Our TeamSpeak Addresses:

  • Public JQ server: ts3.jadequarry.com:10001 (If you need verification to enter DOL's channel, contact Silver, Sekk, or Vorrdak)
  • Private backup server: Please contact Ophey or Vorrdak in game for this information :)

Download Teamspeak 3 at www.TeamSpeak.com

Team Comp:

Team Name Role Build
Blue Healer + Tank
Blue Healer + Damage - Hybrid / Either
Blue Damage - Max. DPS
Blue Damage - Max. DPS
Blue Damage - Max. DPS
Blue Damage - Max. DPS
Green Damage - Max. DPS
Red Damage - Pure Condi
Red Damage - Pure Condi
Red Damage - Pure Condi

Vale Guardian Essentials

There is a pre fight against 3 aspects of the Vale Guardian, and then the main fight with the Vale Guardian that takes place in 5 Stages.

Pre Boss / Split Boss Basics:

These 3 bosses are basically individual aspects of the Vale Guardian, understanding the mechanics of each is critical to winning. You will encounter each of these aspects before the main fight, and then again in Phase 2 and Phase 4 of the main fight.

Blue Guardian:

There are two key mechanics to the Blue Guardian:

  • GREEN CIRCLES: These green circles are one of the most critical parts of the entire raid boss. Green Circles (also referred to as Lightning Circles) will appear constantly throughout the fight with the Blue Guardian and Vale Guardian. At least FOUR players must stand in every Green Circle or the raid will wipe. NOTE: Downed players do NOT count towards this 4.
  • BOON STRIP: Unique to the Blue Guardian, there is a boon that makes him completely invunerable to all damage. This boon must be stripped in order to defeat the Blue Guardian. Skills that Boon Strip:
Red Guardian:

There are two key mechanics to the Red Guardian:

  • CONDITION DAMAGE ONLY: The Red Guardian is only susceptible to condition damage. 3 PURE condition damage builds shoul dbe able to handle this easily. It is recommended this team have 1-2 condition build engineers (Viper's + Sinister stats preferably)
  • RED SEEKER ORBS: Three Red Seeker Orbs will spawn every 20 seconds and fade away before the next wave of 3 Red Seeker Orbs spawns. They will constantly move towards players and they deal heavy proximity damage. Red Seeker Orbs can be Knocked Back, Pushed, Feared, Chilled, Crippled, and Immobilized. It is CRITICAL that these orbs are kept away from Green Circles
Green Guardian:

There is only 1 key mechanic to the Green Guardian:

  • BLUE TELEPORT CIRCLES: Will spawn every 9 seconds near the Vale Guardian underneath the players nearest to the boss. After a couple seconds they explode, damaging players and teleporting them to a random location. Dodge / Block / Evade / Strafe them. Keep the guardian away from Green Circles so they do not spawn on the players stacking on them as they spawn.

Vale Guardian Phases

Some of these notes copied from Dulfy's Guide. Please review this guide for a much more thorough explanation of this raid boss!

  • PHASE 1:This phase will last until the boss reach 66%. With good DPS you can finish this phase around or under a minute.
  • PHASE 2: Phase 2 triggers once the boss is at 66% HP. The Vale Guardian will split into the Blue Guardian, Red Guardian, and Green Guardian
  • PHASE 3: Phase 3 lasts from 66% to 33%. It will have the same mechanics as Phase 1 with two new mechanic additions. #1 Sector AoE / Lit Floors (1 of the 3 sections of the floor will light up) and #2 Map Wide AoE that requires the Break Bar to be broken in order to stop it.
  • PHASE 4: Second Split is identical to Phase 2 split. You should arrive this phase with about 3-4 minutes left on the timer.
  • PHASE 5: Much like Phase 3, lasts from 33% down to kill. The significant change is Sector AoE will now light up TWO of the three sections of the floor. This is considered by far the most difficult part of the raid.

Successful Comunity Kill Splits:

Description Phase 2 Invuln Phase 3 Merge Phase 4 Invuln Phase 5 Merge Kill
[NA] GW2 1st Kill 06:19 05:31 03:49 03:01 01:10
[DnT] Kill 06:56 06:05 04:44 03:59 02:39
[EG] Kill 06:25 05:25 03:25 02:21 00:27
[LOD] Kill 06:31 05:31 03:30 02:39 00:30
[KING] Kill 06:29 05:30 03:39 02:44 00:44

Start Here

If you are new to Guild Wars 2, or you would like to review the beginner resources DOL has compiled for its members, we have tried to provide a wealth of info to get you started here!

Start Here! »

The Rest For Vets

Here we will share info for veteran Guild Wars 2 players. This includes information about all common types of farming, WvW and PvP competitive play, and other end game content.

All Resources »


We will try to organize events through the week for our members. For more information about currently scheduled events, or if you are interested in scheduling an event yourself, visit here.

More information coming ASAP!

Guild Announcements

Weekly Raids!

December 1, 2015 by Scion Kai

We will start organizing raids on specific days every week in an attempt to ensure we have full teams ready to go. Our first weekly raid slot will be Wednesdays at 8pm est / 5pm pst and also Wednesdays 12am est and 9pm pst. We will add a second weekly raid day as soon as we get feedback from the community. We may adjust these times to ensure the maximum number of people have a chance to join, so if you have a request, please contact an officer!

Site Updates!

November 23, 2015 by Scion Kai

We have started to work on several sections of site to help our members. Our builds page and economy page are the current focus and we hope to load them up with helpful links and information very soon!


November 22, 2015 by Scion Kai

Before too long (once all of the excitement of HoT and raids settles down) we will start putting together Asuraball matches! The rules are a work in progress and can be found here!

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